Industrial Applications


Health and Medicine

TBRC offers top-quality cell cultures and microbial strains that produce authentic bioactive compounds for pharmaceutical, food supplement and cosmetic research applications.


TBRC offers a selection of microorganisms for agriculture research or industry e.g. Bio-control strains to control insect pests and plant pathogens or bio-fertilizer strains to digest agriculture waste.

Food and Feed

TBRC is holding a wide variety of microbes that support manufacturing food and feed such as extremophiles, or lactic acid bacteria for fermented food, or pentosanase and heat-tolerant phytase producing Aspergillus sp. for feed processing, or bacteria strains for the production of DHAs, long/short chain fatty acid, or biopolymer.



TBRC encourages “go green” movement by committing to environment protection and sustainability. Whether you are involved in textile, pulp and paper, waste management or bioremediation process, TBRC offers fully characterized microbial strains to support your research and further expand knowledge on environmental responsibility.


The TBRC collection offers organisms enable to utilize cheaper substrates such as lignocellulosic biomass to make bio-ethanol for green technology and environment sustainability.

Other Industries