Preservation Service

TBRC offers preservation service in which microorganisms are expertly prepared/preserved and returned to customers for storage. The customers are obliged to agree with the terms and conditions and should follow instructions for sending microorganisms for preservation service at Thailand Bioresource Research Center (TBRC).

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Service available
  • Liquid drying
  • Preparation of microorganisms to be stored in freezing storage

1. The customer is required to submit a service form to TBRC or contact TBRC prior to sending any microorganism. After TBRC approves the request, the customer will be informed to send microorganisms.

2. Acceptable samples
  1. TBRC accepts most groups of bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi classified in Risk Group 1 or 2. Only microorganisms classified in Risk Group 1 from overseas are accepted.
  1. TBRC accepts microorganisms that are known to survive long-term preservation using liquid-drying or freezing methods.

3. Handling of microorganisms at TBRC
  1. After observation of strain purity by unaided eyes, microorganisms will be preserved according to customer’s requests. Microorganisms sent to TBRC in liquid-dried or freeze-dried ampoules will be cultivated on media recommended or sent by the customer. Service fee will be applied for cultivation of microorganisms from liquid-dried or freeze-dried ampoules.
  1. If microorganisms received from customers appeared contaminated after visual observation by unaided eyes, the customers will be asked to resend the microorganisms or strain purification service can be requested at an extra charge.
  1. Liquid-drying service takes approximately 1-2 weeks depending on growth and readiness of microorganisms received. Bacteria required accelerated storage test take 2-3 additional weeks while filamentous fungi and yeasts take 5-6 additional weeks.
  1. Preparation of microorganisms to be stored in freezing storage takes 1-2 days. TBRC does not perform viability and purity tests for microorganisms prepared to be stored in frozen condition.
  1. Original cultures will be discarded after finishing wet laboratory processes.

4. Shipment of preserved/prepared microorganisms to customers
  1. Preserved/prepared microorganisms will be sent to the customer after TBRC receives a full payment. To expedite the process, the customer should confirm the request by sending back the signed quotation immediately after receipt. TBRC only issues an invoice after receiving the signed quotation. Please inform TBRC if purchase order (PO) is required by the customer’s organization. Preserved/prepared microorganisms will be discarded if the customer fails to comply with payment terms.
  1. Liquid-dried microorganisms will be sent back to the customer by post (EMS). TBRC should be informed in advance if the customer prefers to collect preserved microorganisms at TBRC. For microorganisms to be stored in freezing storage, the customer is responsible for preparation of a container for transport and collection of the prepared microorganisms at TBRC. During transportation, microorganisms should be maintained at -70 °C to -80 °C. TBRC is not responsible for any damage or loss of viability of the prepared microorganisms.

5. Disclaimer
  1. TBRC shall reserve the right to decide whether to accept or reject requests.
  1. The customer shall provide payment as indicated in the invoice. The bank transfer fee shall be paid by the customer.
  1. The customer is responsible for any charges occurring from shipment of microorganisms to TBRC.
  1. In the case that contamination is not detected by visual observation by unaided eyes and only found out after preservation process, full service payment will be charged by TBRC.
  1. TBRC shall reserve the right to terminate the service and give no refund if the customer does not response to notification from TBRC accordingly.
1. Preparation of documents

The service form and proof of customer identity must be submitted to TBRC together with the microorganisms.

1.1. For government organizations, state enterprises or other state agencies, the form must be signed by an authorized person and

  1. submitted with a certified copy of an official identification card.

1.2. For government officers, state enterprise employees or government employees, please attach a certified copy of an official

  1. identification card.

1.3. For students, including post doctoral associates, the form must be signed by his/her supervisor and submitted with a certified copy

  1. of the supervisor’s official identification card.

1.4. For other individuals, please attach a certified copy of an identification card.

1.5. For corporations, the form must be signed by an authorized person and stamped (if a company stamp is available) and submitted

  1. together with a certified copy of an authorized person’s identification card.

2. Preparation of microorganisms
  1. Grow microorganisms on suitable/sporulation dry-surface agar media to reduce risk of contamination during shipment. Send 1 tube or plate per strain of microorganism.
  1. Fast growing microorganisms (most bacteria and yeasts) should be sent within 24 hours after inoculation.
  1. Sporulating filamentous fungi and actinomycetes should be sent after spores are mature. Non-sporulating fungi (can be preserved using freezing method only) should be sent within 1-2 weeks after inoculation.
  1. The customer can send microorganisms in liquid-dried or freeze-dried form. Service fee will be applied for cultivation of microorganisms from liquid-dried or freeze-dried ampoules. Send 1 tube per strain of microorganism.
  1. The customer may be requested to send culture media with microorganisms.

3. Shipment of microorganisms to TBRC

3.1. Drop-off at TBRC

Please contact TBRC in advance (Tel: +66 (0)2 117 8001, email: Microorganisms should be brought to the TBRC office located at Innovation Cluster 2 Tower B, 8th Floor, Thailand Science Park, Phahonyothin Road, Khlong Nueng, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani.

3.2. By post

  1. Microorganism tubes/plates must be packed in plastic bags or plastic tubes and properly sealed before putting in a cardboard box for shipment (do not pack in an envelope or a paper bag). Microorganisms classified in Risk Group 2 must be packed and shipped according to national biosafety and biosecurity regulations or IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  1. Send microorganisms, Preservation Service Form and proof of customer identity by express mail service (EMS) to the address indicated below.


Preservation Service
National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
BIOTEC Building, 3rd Floor, Room 313
113 Thailand Science Park, Phahonyothin Road
Khlong Nueng, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120, Thailand



Contact person



General information

Sample submission, service process, service fee, quotation, invoice

Wipaporn Ngaemthao

+66 (0)2 564 6700 ext. 3334

Technical information

Chanwit Suriyachadkun

+66 (0)2 564 6700 ext. 3336

Method Details Fee (Excluding VAT)
Organizations in Thailand Overseas
Liquid-drying 5 ampoules 1,500 Baht/strain 4,500 Baht/strain
Additional ampoule 150 Baht/ampoule 450 Baht/ampoule
Freezing 5 tubes 1,500 Baht/strain Not available
Additional tube 150 Baht/tube Not available
Cultivation of microorganism from liquid/freeze-dried ampoule If microorganism sent to TBRC is in the liquid/freeze-dried form 500 Baht/ampoule 1,500 Baht/ampoule
Strain purification If microorganism received is contaminated 300 Baht/strain 600 Baht/strain
Shipment of preserved/prepared microorganisms to the customer Liquid-dried microorganism Free of charge AEC countries
1,500 Baht/request
Non-AEC countries
3,000 Baht/request
Microorganism to be stored in freezing storage The customer collects prepared microorganisms at TBRC Not available
Bank transfer   Paid by the customer Paid by the customer
  • Customer fills and submits online service form
  • TBRC responds within 3 working days
  • Customer sends service form together with microorganism to TBRC
  • TBRC inspects microorganism upon receipt and informs service fee
  • Customer makes a payment
  • TBRC preserves/prepares microorganism and sends preserved/prepared microorganism to customer