Ordering Molecular Materials

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Terms and conditions (go to product details in the TBRC catalog )

TBRC offers molecular materials for education and research in molecular biology, including cloning vectors, expression vectors and host microorganisms for transformation studies. Customers are obliged to agree with the TBRC distribution policy and the terms and conditions in the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or other contracts under which TBRC operates.

Specific restrictions

Molecular materials may contain products owned by third parties and are subject to specific restrictions. The restrictions are mentioned in the catalog. Please carefully read the restrictions before placing an order.


Orders can be made electronically through the TBRC catalog. After TBRC approves the order, the customer will be requested to send a signed MTA and proof of payment through post to TBRC. The requested materials will be distributed after TBRC receives the signed MTA and payment.

The customer can trace order and delivery status online by logging into "My Account".


Most vectors will be distributed in host microorganisms on agar slants at ambient conditions. Distribution hosts are indicated in the catalog. Some materials will be distributed as dried DNA.

Host microorganisms will be distributed in liquid/freeze-dried ampoules or on agar slants at ambient conditions.

Liquid/freeze-dried materials and dried DNA will be shipped out within 7 days after TBRC receives payment and all required documents. Fresh cultures may take longer.

Reclamation policy

The customer should strictly follow instructions for revival and cultivation. Fresh cultures should be immediately subcultured and checked after receipt. Unsatisfactory materials will be replaced free of charge if the customer informs TBRC within 14 days after the distribution date for fresh cultures and 45 days for freeze/liquid dried materials and dried DNA, and if instructions for revival and cultivation were followed properly.

Service fee
Details Fee (Excluding VAT)
Organizations in Thailand Overseas
Molecular materials 3,000 Baht/material 6,000 Baht/material
Shipment Free of charge AEC countries 1,500 Baht/order
Non-AEC countries 3,000 Baht/order
Bank transfer Paid by the customer Paid by the customer

Distribution process
  • Customer makes request
  • TBRC responses within 3 working days
  • Customer sends original copy of signed MTA and proof of payment to TBRC
  • TBRC sends molecular material to customer