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Deposit for Public Access

Download deposit policy and terms and conditions (TH/EN)

Download instructions for sending microorganisms (TH/EN)

TBRC accepts most groups of bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi classified in Risk Group 1 or 2 that have been cited in scientific literature or have special properties or characteristics such as type strains, production of enzymes, degradation of pollutants, species first reported in Thailand, etc.

Those who wish to deposit a microorganism at TBRC are obliged to agree with the TBRC deposit policy and terms and conditions, and should submit a deposit form through the TBRC website or contact TBRC staff prior to sending the microorganism. When TBRC finds the deposit acceptable, the depositor will be requested to send the microorganism with the signed deposit form.

The depositor should follow instructions for sending microorganisms for deposit at the Thailand Bioresource Research Center (TBRC). The depositor is responsible for any charges occurring during shipment of materials to TBRC.

Preservation and quality tests (viability, purity and identity) take approximately 60 to 90 days. After quality tests, the microorganism will be further opened for public access. A certificate of deposit (COD) can be requested through the TBRC website (request certificate of deposit).

Depositor benefits
  • The depositor may request the deposited microorganisms free of charge for the first two requests.
  • The depositor may request other type strains from the TBRC collection as many the number of type strains the depositor deposited.
  • The depositor may request TBRC to further deposit type strains deposited at TBRC to other well recognized biological resource centers. The service is free of charge. Please read service details.

Deposit fee
Details Fee* (Excluding VAT)
Organizations in Thailand Overseas
Deposit for public access Free of charge Free of charge
Deposit for public access
with conditions
Publication purpose Free of charge Free of charge
Require distribution data 2,500 Baht/strain/5 years 5,000 Baht/strain/5 years
Bank transfer Paid by the customer Paid by the customer

Deposit process
  • Customer submits deposit form to TBRC
  • TBRC responds within 5 working days
  • Customer sends microorganism and signed deposit form to TBRC
  • TBRC preserves microorganism and performs quality tests
  • TBRC informs customer of TBRC number
  • Customer makes a payment, if deposit fee applies