Deposit of microorganisms
Deposit detail
  • TBRC accepts most groups of bacteria, yeasts and filamentous fungi classified in Risk Group 1 or 2.

  • Those who wish to deposit a microorganism at TBRC are obliged to agree with the TBRC deposit policy and terms and conditions, and should submit a patent deposit form through the TBRC website prior to sending the microorganism.

  • The depositor should follow instructions for sending microorganisms for deposit at TBRC.

Instructions for sending microorganisms to deposit
Deposit policy and terms and conditions
Deposit fee
Detail Fee (Excluding VAT)
Organizations in Thailand Overseas
Preservation of microorganism (upon request) Preservation of microorganism for patent deposit process 2,000 Baht/strain 6,000 Baht/strain
Additional tube for the customer’s own storage (only for microorganisms that can be preserved long-term by liquid-drying method) 150 Baht/tube 450 Baht/tube
Storage First 5 years (pay all at once) 10,000 Baht/strain 20,000 Baht/strain
From the 5th year until petty patent/patent terminates (pay all at once) 2,000 Baht/strain/year 4,000 Baht/strain/year
Preparation of new batch 1,500 Baht/strain/5 tubes
See Culture Preservation Service
4,500 Baht/strain/5 tubes
See Culture Preservation Service
Viability test (upon request) 500 Baht/strain/test 1,500 Baht/strain/test
Bank transfer Paid by the customer Paid by the customer