Culture Preservation
Culture Preservation detail

TBRC offers preservation service in which microorganisms are expertly prepared/preserved and returned to customers for storage. The customers are obliged to agree with the terms and conditions and should follow instructions for sending microorganisms for preservation service at Thailand Bioresource Research Center (TBRC).

Service available
  • Liquid drying
  • Preparation of microorganisms to be stored in freezing storage
Instructions for sending samples
Terms and conditions
Service fee
Method Detail Fee (Excluding VAT)
Organizations in Thailand Overseas
Liquid-drying 5 ampoules 1,500 Baht/strain 4,500 Baht/strain
Additional ampoule 150 Baht/ampoule 450 Baht/ampoule
Freezing 5 tubes 1,500 Baht/strain Not available
Additional tube 150 Baht/tube Not available
Cultivation of microorganism from liquid/freeze-dried ampoule If microorganism sent to TBRC is in the liquid/freeze-dried form 500 Baht/ampoule 1,500 Baht/ampoule
Strain purification If microorganism received is contaminated 300 Baht/strain 600 Baht/strain
Shipment of preserved/prepared microorganisms to the customer Liquid-dried microorganism Free of charge AEC countries
1,500 Baht/request
Non-AEC countries
3,000 Baht/request
Microorganism to be stored in freezing storage The customer collects prepared microorganisms at TBRC Not available
Bank transfer   Paid by the customer Paid by the customer