Microorganisms from Paleozoic Era cave

Microorganisms in this list were isolated from Le Stegodon Cave located in the Satun Geopark, Satun Provice, Thailand under a research project aiming to study diversity of microorganisms dwelling in cave. The research was conducted by Thailand Bioresource Research Center (TBRC) with the support of the Royal Forest Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Le Stegodon Cave is 3.4 km. long with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and sea water and fresh water flow through the cave. Environment in the cave is relatively closed and untouched with different level of exposure to sunlight and limited nutrient making it a unique habitat for microorganisms. The cave and other areas of the Satun Geopark are of geological, natural historical and cultural importance. It covers the area of four districts in Satun Provice (Thung Wa, Manang, La-ngu and Mueang Satun) with the total areas of 2,597.21 sq. km. This geologically diverse area consists of lime stone mountains, islands and beaches which resulted from tectonic shift. Paleozoic fossils have been found throughout the area.

List of Microorganisms

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