Collection TBRC
Other code VTH-AI06
Other collection code BCC 67839 ; NBRC 110637 ; TN8LGI3 ; VTCC 910001
History <---- BCC 67839 <---- H. Thi Lan Vu, VTH-AI06
Microorganism group Bacteria
Type strain Yes
Vu HTL, Malimas T, Chaipitakchonlatarn W, Bui VTT, Yukphan P, Bui UTT, Muramatsu Y, Sitdhipol J, Tanasupawat S, Duong KC, Nakagawa Y, Pham HT, Yamada Y. Tanticharoenia aidae sp. nov., for acetic acid bacteria isolated in Vietnam. Ann Microbiol. 2016 Mar;66:417–423.
Source Stem (Saccharum sp.)
Country of origin Vietnam
Risk Group 1
Growth medium

Glucose 25 g
Ethanol 5 ml
Yeast extract 3 g
Peptone 5 g
CaCO3 7 g
Agar (if needed) 12 g
Distilled water 1000 ml

Growth temperature 30 °C
Oxygen requirement Aerobic
Distribution condition TBRC MTA
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Overseas: 3,000 Baht

Thailand: 2,000 Baht

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