Collection TBRC
Other code CMU-AB225
History <---- S. Lumyong, CMU-AB225
Microorganism group Bacteria
Type strain Yes
Sujarit K, Kudo T, Ohkuma M, Pathom-Aree W, Lumyong S. Streptomyces venetus sp. nov., an actinomycete with a blue aerial mycelium. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2018 Oct;68(10):3333-3339.
Source Soil - rhizosphere (Elaeis guineensis)
Country of origin Thailand
Application detail Antibacterial production (Ref 744)
Antifungal production (Ref 744)

[744]  Unpublished data

Application sub-category
Risk Group 1
Growth medium

Yeast extract 4 g
Malt extract 10 g
Dextrose (d-glucose) 4 g
Agar (if needed) 15 - 20 g
Distilled water 1000 ml

Growth temperature 25-38 °C
Oxygen requirement Aerobic
Distribution condition TBRC MTA
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Overseas: 3,000 Baht

Thailand: 2,000 Baht

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